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.... damn, I haven't updated in over a year. LOLL. But this update is actually important and goes out to everyone who'd like to possibly have their art submitted in a NATIONAL magazine! Whoo~

So my friend came up with this brilliant idea for a magazine and you can read it's purpose below. =]

"Why do people keep on buying Chicken Soup for the Soul? Why do people flock, week after
week, to their churches, their mosques, their synagogues?

Humans need catharsis. Young women, especially, need to be reminded that there is good in
the world. In the face of so much injustice—rape, prostitution, and less pungent but no less
despicable forms of misogynistic oppression—the odds are stacked against women; but that
doesn't mean that we can't keep speaking out against these cruelties. And one of the most
powerful ways that girls can connect with each other is simply to tell their stories.

So, our idea is simple. We will create a magazine.

This magazine, named reACT (Read. Empower. ACT.) will empower women. It will help
women to forget petty, menial differences; to remember strength in the face of hardship; and to
dream of hope at the end of the seemingly endless tunnel."

I'm in charge of Artwork and will be recruiting as many quality pieces as possible. =] Photography, digital, traditional, watercolors, paintings, YOU NAME IT, as long as it's art, we will consider it.

If you're interested in submitting prose, poetry, or any type of writing, you can contact me as well and I can put you through with the person in charge of writing submissions.

Please let me know if you're interested and the deadline for submission is November, 2011.
Send me an e-mail at or note me/comment on this journal if you have questions, comments, concerns, or are interested in submitting.

THANK YOU!!! :D :love:

And YES, we will be publishing this magazine nationally. We will print your name and give you full credit for your work. We're also thinking of having it printed internationally, but that's yet to be decided.

Thank you for reading once again, please spread the word and consider this opportunity! But remember to keep to the topic of "empowering women". The topic is rather vague so feel free to use your imagination.

Please spread the word and also keep in mind that only about 20-25 pieces will be selected =]


wants an ice cream sundae =3
United States
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